NorthLiving has collaborated with the Swiss artisan Āste to produce Northern style pieces using local resources. Both enterprises work closely together to design simple and practical products for everyday use.  We persistently seek balance between shapes and functions. All pieces are woodturned by hand which makes each product exclusive and one-of-a-kind. While two logs of wood can never be same, Āste and NorthLiving try to incorporate the characteristics of each piece to create truly exceptional products.


The artisan behind Āste is a psychology and philosophy student who began woodturning few years back as a counterbalance to studying. He grew up in Baselland. This is also a place where all the Āste production and development happens. Here he shares a workshop with his dad, who inspired him to try and learn more about wood and its outstanding qualities. Love for wood and nature has always fascinated him. And so, few years later, the hobby has turned into a passion. Now wood is a great part of his life not only for creating beautiful pieces, but also integrating it into cooking and drinks.