3 step HYDRATION set



Three steps for complete hydration. 


Step 1 – Toning

Wild Raspberry Leaf water 30ml

Tones and refreshes the skin, helps to keep skin hydrated and prepares it for the next step – Deep Moisturizing serum and oil treatment. Can also be used at any time of the day when skin needs extra care – to refresh and hydrate.


Step 2 – Deep hydration and regeneration

Deepwater Hydration Booster 15ml

Boosts skin's hydration and restores healthy skin function. Prevents the transepidermal loss of water and attracts more moisture. Provides immediate and long-lasting deep hydration.


Step 3 – Nourishing and protection

Raspberry Oil Elixir 15ml

Moisturizes the skin, improves skin tone, boosts its elasticity and fight free radicals providing the skin with energy and glow.